Winchester Model M 14: An Owner’s Review

In the quest for the best airgun, you may have come across the Winchester Model M, or maybe not, regardless, we’ll review it for you here.

The Winchester M 14 is an airgun suitable for children, but not for much else. Its low cost, low power, and ready open sights make it a great option for children to use.

Core Features

This gun is like most CO2 airguns, equipped with a fixed barrel, magazine, and comes with open sights.

Coming equipped with a slide out mount for your CO2 cartridges, you can ready two cartridges in a magazine like structure that slides right into the gun next to the actual magazine, which is a stick with a rotary wheel on either end, holding a total of 16 rounds.


Always, we look at a few things like speed, energy level, things like that when we get a new gun, and this one was no different. With our chronometer, we measured a speed of 181 fps. If any readers are new to the airgunning world, that is incredibly low, not even the lowest power BB guns are that slow.

Knowing that we used 8.44 grain pellets, you can calculate that the energy level of the gun is .61 fpe. This is about on par with the Red Ryder for energy level.

Taking the thing out to the range was a pleasant surprise though. At 25 yards, with open sights mind you, my shot groups were about quarter sized, which thoroughly impressed me. I expected the thing to not be accurate really at all, but it was.

I honestly didn’t’ have much of any expectations when I went in to shoot the thing, but I did enjoy myself while shooting.

Things I Like

The magazine capacity is one thing that I found very enjoyable. Having 8 shots ready to fire at semi automatic speed only to have 8 more just a button press and a quick movement of the hand away is very nice.

The cartridge holder has a neat feature too that I enjoyed quite a bit. There are two buttons that you need to press to remove it. The first one at the top of the magazine disconnects the slide, and allows it to eject out of the gun, but there is a stop keeping it from going any further.

Press another button to actually remove the piece. This feature allows you to disconnect the cartridges and thus relieve pressure on the seals of the gun without taking it entirely off, which I found enjoyable.

Things I Would Have Changed

The overall build quality of the gun is not great. Being made almost entirely of plastic except for a few select pieces that need to be some sort of metal, the gun comes with a feel that it is intended for a child.

The advertised muzzle velocity of 700 fps is nowhere near where it should be either. Its perfectly fine if you want to advertise a low velocity gun intended for children, but the fact that the huge discrepancy between the advertised fps and actual is over 500 units, this is not a good thing exactly.

Tanner Rydalch

Hey there, I'm Tanner. I grew up in Idaho, where there is plenty of space for shooting. I think Airguns can be a lot of fun and are a great introduction to firearms.

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