Can Airguns Be Shipped to California?

For those in California, or those with family or friends in California, if you’ve decided to get into the airgunning world, you should probably ask, “Can airguns be shipped to California?”

BB guns and airguns can be shipped into California, provided that certain requirements are met. Minors cannot buy a BB or pellet gun in California, and it is illegal to supply a minor with one without permission from their parent or guardian.

Some online retailers may refrain from shipping you a BB device (California law refers to airguns as BB devices), but for the most part you will not encounter that.

Airsoft guns are a different beast than BB guns almost entirely, so we won’t talk about them much, but you may find it useful to know that any airsoft gun sent to California needs to have bright markings on the tip and two other spots on the gun. Amazon will not send airsoft guns to California.

What Can be Shipped to California?

For the most part, you will be safe ordering a BB or pellet gun to be shipped into California, but there are instances where that would not be considered a bright idea.

Here is one of those instances: California lawOpens in a new tab. makes it illegal for you to ship an imitation firearm into California, and according to California law, an imitation firearm is basically anything that looks so much like a firearm that any reasonable person would very much not appreciate it being pointed at them.

A replica airgun like your realistic looking Glock BB gun should fall under that umbrella, but there is an exception for BB devices, provided that they have the proper bright flourescent markings, so be careful when selecting what to ship and how to ship it.

You may also have difficulty getting ammo to your home, as it can be shipped to California, but may need to be purchased from a retailer, as in I ask a physical location to order it for me, and then purchase it from them.

Usually an online retailer will cover their bases well and are well aware of any restrictions that may be in place. As a preemptive warning, Pyramyd air, a well respected online retailer of airguns and airgun accessories, has a list Opens in a new tab.of shipping restrictions they have by location.

As you can see, Pyramyd air will ship BB and pellet guns into California, and so will Airgun Pro ShopOpens in a new tab., and others as well.

You would do well to keep an eye peeled for what your local laws are as well, as some locales will have more strict laws pertaining to BB guns and airguns. Shipping the guns there might not be an issue, but possessing an airgun that does not meet city standards will prove to be a mistake.

So, yes, you can ship an airgun to California, but do be careful so that you do not order an imitation firearm that does not meet the right standards.

Tanner Rydalch

Hey there, I'm Tanner. I grew up in Idaho, where there is plenty of space for shooting. I think Airguns can be a lot of fun and are a great introduction to firearms.

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